2018 Acknowledgements

Rod and Tracey Metcalf at the pull-out in Diamond Creek, AZ, August 8, 2018

I am grateful to David Lehman and Stacey Harwood, for their dinner company in Ithaca; Henry Tepper and Jane Henoch (left), for loads of laughs, X-C skiing in Lake Placid (eateth of the oatmeal, Jane, for it is good), finally seeing Ry Cooder perform in Boston, and driving Fred Briccetti (left) to Ithaca so the four of us could ride around Cayuga Lake together; Betty Coiner of Lake Placid, Florida, for a memorable conversation about Wallace Senterfit, her uncle and my grandfather, who died before I was born;  Tod Edmondson, for driving across the Everglades twice; Alan Worden, for generously including me in his vision and making the whole thing seem fun (see the website for Community Data Platforms); Peggy Haine, for understanding the historical importance of Country Cooking’s 1973 recording, “Armadillo Breakdown” (See Rounder Records #0006); Jay Pulliam and Mara Pfund, for once again opening their hearts and home and refrigerator to us in Austin, Texas; Linsday Cordell (left) and Luis Estrada, for Ellison and Escher; Joe and Jessica Loomis, for inviting us to their

wedding; Ashley Miller and Gene Endres, for fine food and conversation; Sandy List and Durand Van Doren, for being so damn cool; Jeff Furman and Sara Hess, eternal role models, for countless things, including organizing the Poor People’s Campaign march on Albany in May; Jon Crispin and Cristine Smith, for their friendship and hospitality; Wendie Grazier, for talking me into going to the Dead & Company concert in Philadelphia in June with Martin; Martin Grazier, for the laughs, ticket, and t-shirt; Jim McConkey and Mike DeMunn, for bartering lasagna for conversation; Tony Trishka and Pete Wernick, for their memories (see “Armadillo Breakdown,” above); Laura

Rosbrow-Telem of WRFI, for leading the resurrection of the Tompkins County News Exchange; Max and Will Edelson, Loren and Diane Ihle, and Betty Kirchner and Mary Skees, for visiting and livening up our porch;  Rod, Tracey, and Kristen Metcalf, Joan Fryxell, Tim Ross, Peter Kirchner, and Christie Kroll, the crew of our Grand Canyon expedition (above and left); Kirill, Nastya, and Geny Alexandrov, for cat care, laughter, and their important work; Paul Michelsen, for throwing a great party in Potter Valley, CA every Labor Day (at left, with Michael Gelobter, Migue Dozier, and Lynne Lucero); David Byrne, for blowing my mind yet again, and Cally Arthur and Michael Culotta, for meeting up for a beer afterward; John Schroeder and The Board of Directors of The Cornell Daily Sun, for service above and beyond; Peter Francese, Cheryl Russell, Cally Arthur, Rick Eckstrom, and Mike Rider (left), for driving to Amherst for Jon’s exhibit opening; Jane Talkington, for turning my book about Ben & Jerry’s into an online course; Chitra and KG Venkatraman, for throwing

the celebration of the year at the Hindu Temple of Metropolitan Washington, DC; Phil Terrie, for nudging me when I needed that; Patricia Edmondson, for her good humor and good will; Barbara Tippin, for hospitality and a solid-gold spirit; Robert and Martha Wilson, for their hospitality, jokes, and ideas; and Marilla Senterfit (left), for holding things together.