8. New York Bicycling Across The USA

Days 63, 64, & 65: Home Furlough

On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday October 13 to 15, Jim and Sara went back to Canadice and I returned to Ithaca for three days of rest at home. The delay allowed Jim to meet up with his daughter Rachel and granddaughter Emma at the end of the ride. I used the time to open mail, run errands, get ready to go back to work, and see friends.

I had a wonderful surprise when I got home.  My neighbors on Short Street had decorated my house with big red letters that said “Welcome Home” and “Yay Brad.”  They had also decorated the sidewalk.  They all came over the evening I got back so we could sit around and tell jokes.  I live in a great neighborhood.

By bradedmondson

Writing about social change and how it happens.

One reply on “Days 63, 64, & 65: Home Furlough”

Hey Brad and Tania!
May the clear skies be above you and the wind at your backs for the final leg. I’ve run into a huge body of water out her just past CA which means that it is either time to drop anchor or make a turn. Currently in Berkeley. Having a good look around in the meantime. I wish I was back there to accompany you on some of those final days of riding. Keep on peddlin’!


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