5. Iowa & Minnesota Bicycling Across The USA

Days 41 & 42: Rest in Jackson, MN

Sunday and Monday were rest days. Jim and Sara stayed at the home of Dave and Joan Hargan in Jim’s hometown of Jackson, MN. Brad and Tania joined them at the Hargan home on Sunday for dinner but stayed at an inn on Lake Okoboji, about 20 miles south, until Tania’s flight left on Monday. Brad went to Jackson on Monday and got a top-quality massage from Coni Hutchings. He then floated over to the Hargan home, where he and Jim met with friends on Monday night to talk about the ride (lots of questions about bears) and old times (Jim’s). The Hargans were generous, funny, and kind to three weary travelers, and we are much obliged. On Tuesday morning the 23rd we headed east on Minnesota Route 16, which was once U.S. Highway 16 but is now a quiet state highway that parallels Interstate 90.

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One reply on “Days 41 & 42: Rest in Jackson, MN”

Three indicators of how far and fast Jim and Brad have ridden:
1. When I drove to Tea, SD at about 1:30PM on Friday hoping to catch up, you had been and gone. I had to get to Iowa to find you.

2. On the Weather Channel map of the US, Jackson, MN looked to be more than half way across the country.

3. As I drove on I-90 from Jackson to the Sioux Falls airport on Monday there was a sign that read: “Wall Drugs 355 miles”. Although you didn’t go there (despite the lure of 5 cent coffee and free ice water), you two had passed due south of Wall when you were crossing the Badlands and that was just a few days ago.
YIKES! Tania


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