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Jim on Day 1

We did have our first adversity test mid-day on Day 1 when Brad’s tire was going flat and doing a “whopity-whopity” thing. Three tubes later we were back on the road. Why three tubes? Don’t ask.
Rockport State Park closed the campground for fear that their old-growth cedars and redwoods would smoosh the campers. We rode through the old campsites (after ignoring the barriers) and wondered what all the infrastructure would look like in 20 years with all the moss encasing the buildings, etc. The detour came near the end of the day when the saddle was seeming especially tiny and protruding, but the stop was worth every bit of discomfort.
We road along the Skagit River for most of the day on the other side of the river on a quiet road, but with a clear view of either a mud slide or a logging operation. 

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2 replies on “Jim on Day 1”

Garth is looking for the pile of clothes that was on the bed. He does not understand why its in Washington state. Concrete looks great. Like the man said: “holy smokes! What’s next?”
Tania (back from Albany)


How are your pulse rates doing now?

I’ve been riding each day too in order to share the pain and will try to get around Canandaigua Lake in time for my normal Friday’s lunch at Patty’s.

I will be forced to skip riding on Sunday so perhaps I should circle the lake twice on Monday?


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